Preparing the Car

I was lucky in that I was able to purchase a Y10 Turbo part way prepared - this would prove to save a lot of time and money. Peter & Hilary White used to rally a Y10, in fact they entered the 1993 RAC Rally in their Y10 Turbo. I hope to get some pictures of the car in its prime. They had a plan to rally with a GTie engine instead. They got a concession from the championship to run the GTie engine (1301cc) in the under 1300 class, but things never quite panned out, the work involved in converting the Turbo car to GTie spec being too much. The car had then sat in Peter's brother's garage for some years. A little negotiating was done and the car is mine.

As collected the car was a shell, but with a roll cage still installed. The GTie engine was sitting in the front of the car but everything was undone ready for it to come out (and be returned to Peter - it has since been sold to a GTie owner with a dead engine). Leda adjustable shocks were fitted all round - the front ones were coilover units. The car was still in 1993 RAC Rally livery and had been painted in 'very' yellow!

So here is the car after the first weekend's work - we took the engine out. Actually we dropped the whole engine/gearbox/suspension unit complete - then replaced the suspension afterwards so the shell could be moved around. The next phase was to put the wiring loom in - the original Turbo loom had been removed and replaced with a GTie loom, which in turn had been removed before I collected the car. I had the complete loom from my own Y10 Turbo as well as a spare loom. With the help of the Dietsch's Peter & Norbert, my trusty pit crew, the new loom was fitted during the first weekend of February.

From this shot you can just see the roll cage inside. Also note the Integrale front wheels - it is my intention to run 15" wheels all round as this will help raise the gearing. This may prove to be a mistake at slower circuits - only time will tell on that one. The ride height is a little higher than I had in mind, hardly surprising for a rally car. I contacted Robin Eves at Leda for advice. next thing I know the suspension has all been packed off for refurbishing. The shocks - caked in mud and a little corroded - were shotblasted, painted, and revalved, with four new springs of more suitable rate and length being supplied. And all this in the space of a week! Cannot recommend them highly enough.

The next instalment will be putting the engine in - which should happen on February 20 - no going to Motorsport Day at Brooklands for me.

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