Preparing the Car II

What is it they say about the best laid plans. You guessed it - it has all been going wrong. The grand scheme involved putting the engine back in (time consuming but not difficult) hooking up the turbocharger from an Uno Turbo. It does fit, but you have to use the Uno Turbo Mk 1 unit (Mk 2 cars used a Garrett turbo which is way different) and you have to turn the housing round 180 degrees. But it does go on and gives bigger turbine inside a similar size housing - no I don't understand how either - I just know that more boost is available and its cheaper than going to a hybrid.

Needless to say, changing the turbos over proved to be a problem. Couldn't get the Y10 turbo unit apart from its manifold so the whole unit had to come of the engine, which means the inlet manifold had to come off, which means the dipstick tube has to come off (and got broke - thank heavens for a garage for of spare Y10s!). Even then the nuts would not come off - they were virtually welded on and then softened - a nightmare combination. Just for good measure, I had the same problems with the Uno turbo. I had bought the unit complete with manifold (I didn't intend, I just asked for a turbo but no doubt they couldn't separate it either) and the nuts were welded on and chewed up too. Three hours were wasted and we hadn't really started yet. Took the decision to take the turbos to a garage (or trusty friend - thanks Dave) and just drop the engine in.

So here we are - the engine and box are physically, but that is about all I can say. SInce the picture was taken, I have hooked up the suspension again just to get it back down on its wheels. And takling of wheels, I have decided against running the 15" Integrale wheels - they are just too tight a fit. Going with 14" wheels. I have a couple of sets, one set 5.5"x14" Delta HF wheels (see page one of the Yntegrale build) with Yokohama 185/50x14" which I shall use as wets, and a set of 6"x14" wheels off my Thema SW for which I shall get some slicks. That is the latest plan anyway!

It was at this point I realised I was never going to get the car finished and so have called in the professionals. Tomorrow (25th March) the car is being taken to Scheldt & Pettet in South Harrow. These guys were recommended to me and have been involved in race preparation in the past - they specialise in Italian cars but when I went over to see them, they had a yard full of Lancias and hardly anything else - besides Terry Pettet drives a Y10 so they must be OK.

The next instalment will see how Scheldt & Pettet get on.

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