Preparing the Car III

Ok, so I sent the car to the professionals, thought that it would all be plain sailing as from now. Was I wrong or what. No, it's not the fault of Scheldt & Pettet, they are top guys.

So what went wrong. Well, Terry spent a bit of time tidying up behind me. Fitting the suspension properly, attaching the carb and turbo to the engine, stuff like that. It was about this time that suspicions were raised as to how straight (or more to the point, how not straight) the shell was. The turbo was an awfully tight fit, the alternator had about 1mm clearance, but the big clue was that with the suspension all done up properly, on one side the wheel fouled the arch, the other it didn't. Oh dear, non-matching wheelbases. Not only that, but the front chassis rails seemed a bit awry. Decision time again!

As luck would have it, I bought a Y10 Turbo for my own use three or four years ago, to use in the times when my main Y10 - now becoming the Yntigrale - was off the road for whatever reason. I had only had the car a couple of weeks when it started leaving major smoke screens wherever it went. Was I pissed or what! In fact so pissed that I started breaking it. The car was so solid - no rust, perfect doors even - I sold all the panels! Had a few ideas for the future (mid-engined Y10 a la Renault 5 Turbo 2 anyone?) so stashed the remains of the car in my garage to keep it safe and sound. Bit by bit, more parts were removed as people needed them. Still has an engine though. And guess what - now it's going racing!

It's April 29 2000 today. Terry has gutted what was left of the new shell and taken the roll cage out of the old shell and installed that too. Today I had my seat fitting (its bolted to the floor, so have to fit it in the right place) so progress is being made. Terry still has to transfer the suspension from the old shell to the new - especially as aside from the Leda shocks, all bushes have been renewed along with a couple of the arms.

So here we have the car of many colours. She started out as a burgundy car but was sprayed navy blue by the previous owner. Will probably paint the whole of the inside black or white or something neutral as I'm not painting the outside this year. No time and no budget. Of course if anyone out there wants to throw a wodge of sponsorship money my way, we can discuss next year's colour scheme to match your corporate colours!

Anyway, the engine on this car has all been cleaned up, the holes in the bulkhead covered up so I don't get gassed while driving. And don't worry, I'm not racing on these wheels!

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