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Friends, suppliers and sponsors to Nyssa Racing:

Auto Integrale - based in Reading, and responsible for the preparation of the 2004 car we will be running.

Cellseek - purveyor of mobile phone accessories such as data cables, antenna boosters, radiation safeguards, desktop charger stands and a gateway to a multitude of ring tome sites.

Alpha Composites - suppliers of replica composite body panels for the kappa and many ARCA drivers.

Evolution Engineering - formerly Barry Waterhouse Engineering - has some Y10 parts for sale. Evolution Engineering have built the engines for both the Yntegrale and my racing Y10.

Claude Berclau's Rally Y10 Turbo - I am not alone, this man rallies his Y10 Turbo in France.

My fellow competitors:

Pandamonium - Phil Thompson's amazing racing Fiat Panda.

Carter Motorsport - used to race the yellowest Fiat 127 in racing. For 2004, Darren Carter will be running the Alfa Romeo 145 in conjunction with Daniel Whittington's Marquis Motorsport.

Julian Brown - fellow competitor, running in Class B with the Fiat X1/9 Turbo.

James Whelan - formerly raced "Stealth" in the LMAI series, for 2004 he will be running in the John Cooper MINI series - watch him on the telly!

Lindsay Ward Racing - read about the only racing Lancia Thema in the world?

Scott Associates - principle sponsor for Graham Scott

Duly Scott Racing - site of Alan Duly and Lee Scott, Road Saloons drivers

Connell Racing - all the news from the Connell family's racing team

Rare Motorsport - the Alfa Centre, entrants of Julian Birley's 75 and others

Rod Birley - multiple champion and driver of THAT WRC Cosworth Escort.

Lancia racing sites

Lancia Racing - links to various racing Lancias

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