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Friends, suppliers and sponsors to Nyssa Racing:

Spesso Racing - Nyssa Racing are proud to have been appointed UK distributor for the Spesso Racing range of gaskets. Buy online here.

G&G Motorsport - our preparation partner for 2009.

Auto Integrale - based in Reading, servicing for your Lancia (and Fiat or Alfa Romeo).

Cellseek - purveyor of mobile phone accessories such as data cables, antenna boosters, radiation safeguards, desktop charger stands and a gateway to a multitude of ring tone sites.

My fellow competitors:

Julian Brown - fellow competitor, running in Class B with the Fiat X1/9 Turbo and Class D Fiat Punto.

Richard Hawken - LMA Euro Saloons competitor now driving an ex-BTCC Nissan Primera

Alex Schooledge - runs ex-BTCC Vauxhall and offers car preparation, storage and transportation

The Nanny Flyers - Tim Morgan-Barrett

Flymo Racing - Jim Mepham

Rod Birley - multiple champion and driver of THAT WRC Cosworth Escort.

James Whelan - formerly raced "Stealth" in the LMAI series, now racing a BMW M3 in the German VLN series.

Lancia racing sites

Lancia Racing - links to various racing Lancias

Lancia - a Group of Dutch rallye enthusiasts and their Fulvias

Claude Berclau's Rally Y10 Turbo - I am not alone, this man rallies his Y10 Turbo in France.

Other useful suppliers

Demon Tweeks - where would any of us be without Demon Tweeks?

Ricco Racing - supplier of race harnesses

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