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All video files on this page are in .Wmv format unless otherwise stated, and can be played using Windows Media Player, Real Player and many other utilities. All files are copyright Nyssa Racing (unless otherwise attributed) but may be freely downloaded for your own viewing. Simply 'right click-save target as' on the link to download the video excerpt to your PC.

Castle Combe 5 May 2008

Excerpt from John Hammersley (courtesy David Roberts): 
From 5th to (almost) 1st!68898 kb
The race according to Jim Mepham: 
The start6874 kb
Chasing after the pack7842 kb
Catching Newman & Crook12202 kb
Chasing the next pack - 18577 kb
Chasing the next pack - 27616 kb
Chasing the next pack - 36710 kb
Catching Tarling & Hurst8491 kb
Catching Wilshire & Telling7389 kb
Catching Trenholme7475 kb
Catching Heynes5014 kb
Chasing Simon Taylor - 17506 kb
Chasing Simon Taylor - 27553 kb
Chasing Simon Taylor - 37452 kb
Chasing Simon Taylor - 47983 kb

Anglesey 14/15 July 2007

Race 1: 
First lap12327 kb
Being lapped, and how Jason got me8522 kb
Chasing back after Jason 1, lapped by the Cossie and the Bullet10819 kb
Chasing back after Jason 2, lapped by the Harrier and the Cavalier10725 kb
Chasing back after Jason 310569 kb
Chasing back after Jason 4, lapped by the Elise and the Civic10694 kb
Chasing back after Jason 5, lapped by the leaders again10554 kb
Last lap - we catch Pongo and the Noble goes off11014 kb
Race 2: 
The start of the first race 211241 kb
Video courtesy of Simon Jackson 
The demise of Pongo's gearbox8504 kb

Rockingham 28 April 2007

The Start (as taken from the stand): 
The start4.04 Mb
Videos courtesy of David Pierce (no sound): 
Lap 1 from David's car7.03 Mb
Outbraked!3,23 Mb

Brands Hatch 2 September 2006 - from the stand

The start9487 kb
Lap 28206 kb
Laps 3-421331 kb
The next bit2427 kb
Execellent drive - see the Clerk of the Course!22795 kb
Blanckley takes the lead9355 kb
Last lap dash10504 kb

Anglesey 19 August 2006

The start5420 kb
The End!4694 kb
Video courtesy of Simon Jackson 
Pongo's Anglesey diary14582 kb

Santa Pod 12 August 2006 (courtesy of Alexis Grant)

Run 15769 kb
Run 24136 kb
Run 34668 kb

Donington Park 17 June 2006

First lap9514 kb
Second lap8749 kb
Oops! (but my fastest lap)8522 kb
Oops - I did it again!4045 kb
Chasing back after Nigel14663 kb

Silverstone 14 May 2006

Chasing Jason7616 kb
The start6678 kb
Battle with Ian Craig9772 kb
How Simon Taylor got by6084 kb
Powell and Challis4100 kb
Naz makes way1889 kb
Richard Hill goes off1444 kb
Catching Pongo3194 kb
Catching Dan Davies at the finish3537 kb

Croix-en-Ternois 29/30 April 2006

Race 2: 
Battling for second place (640x480 res)47.3 Mb
Battling for second place (320x240 res)21.43 Mb

Rockingham 8 October 2005

The Race (Nyssa Racing): 
As far as we got!5912 kb
Videos courtesy of Simon Jackson: 
The start from Simon's car2341 kb
Fun with Jim I5452 kb
Fun with Jim II2622 kb

Rockingham 1-2 October 2005 (Open Saloons race)

Qualifying (1 Oct): 
Qualifying lap12421 kb
The Race (1 Oct): 
The start (race 1)6147 kb
Battling with Buckley6717 kb
The Race (2 Oct): 
The start (race 2)5533 kb

Pembrey 2005

Videos courtesy of Simon Jackson: 
Passing the Mondeo1254 kb
Harrier and Mondeo at first corner1786 kb
Alan Duly on it1254 kb
Alan off it!2583 kb

Castle Combe 2005

The Race (Nyssa Racing): 
The Start7023 kb
Chasing Simon Jackson1485 kb
Chasing Tony Soper3047 kb
Catching the Mini6648 kb
Videos courtesy of Simon Jackson: 
The start according to Simon5726 kb
Rhys Bolton coming through1254 kb
Chasing Rhys Bolton5437 kb
kappa horsepower1778 kb
Video courtesy of Anne-Marie Morgan-Barrett: 
The start - from Quarry (.mpg format)8416 kb

Mallory Park 2004

The Race: 
The first lap2.23 Mb
Switching the engine off1.26 Mb
Flaming Nissan!493 kb
Pete Simpson chases Tony Soper516 kb
Chasing Chris Broad2.65 Mb

Cadwell Park 2004

Race 1: 
Simon hits the tyres151 kb
Trying to pass 37485 kb
Making it stick575 kb
Passing Richard Hill808 kb
Chasing John Shoesmith766 kb
Race 2: 
The race start1730 kb
Ouch!683 kb
Boing!786 kb
Lee chasing Ian580 kb

Oulton Park 2003

Ted and Andy go past0.58 Mb
Tony runs wide at Lodge0.29 Mb
The Race: 
The start2.06 Mb
Julian passes Jo0.84 Mb
Fighting off Kerry1.66 Mb
Being lapped by Ted and Tim0.73 Mb
Passed by Emma1.11 Mb

Zolder 2002 (Classic Car Club)

The Race: 
The first lap (with a bad language warning!)4.94 Mb

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