Oulton Park, 20 August 2005

After Brands Hatch and our fist DNF of the season (just like last season), the kappa went back to Auto Integrale for diagnosis. It didn't take a rocket scientist to guess that the head gasket had failed early in qualifying, and that was confirmed when the head was lifted off. Of more concern was why - the radiator appears to have been the culprit, testing showing it to be well clogged up. A new Pace radiator for Fiat Coupe was sourced, but a decision was taken to miss this round for a variety of reasons, some financial, and not helping was the early sign on time which would have left me either driving up to Oulton the night before (after taking 2.5 hours to get home from work) or leaving home before 5am. Neither were particularly appealing, but the clincher was finding that the BRSCC had gone for the money over quality, cramming in as many races as possible so we were only allotted 15 minutes for our money. With the International circuit at Oulton being so long, giving a lap time of around 2 minutes, it was a long way to go for 8 laps maximum. A fine way to treat what is probably their most successful club series this season.

Ranting aside, we will be out at the next race at Mallory Park. We had hoped to go testing this weekend just to ensure that the cooling system woes are behind us, but again, finances are getting the better of us, so we will have to just turn up at Mallory and take our chances.

Due to low numbers in the Mini races, the Xtreme Minis were taken out of our race and put in with the Super Minis very late on, but still 19 LMA Euro Saloons drivers made the meeting.

Qualifying times and race result.

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